Name* Description
FixedAssets Fixed assets
CurrAssets Current assets = Total current assets + Total accrued income and prepaid expenses
Debtors Debtors = Trade accounts + Trade accounts (beyond 12 months)
Cash Cash and cash equivalent
TotalAssets Total assets = Total assets - Total receivables due from shareholders
Capital Capital stock
LTdebt Long Term debt (beyond 12 months)
CurrLiab Current liabilities = Payables due within 12 months +  Total accrued  expenses and deferred income 
WorkingCap Working capital = Total inventories + Debtors - Creditors
Turnover Operating revenue
EBIT EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes)
EBITDA EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization)
CFturnover Cash flow / Operating revenue
IntCover Operating profit / Interest paid
CurrRatio Current ratio = Current Assets / Current Liability
LiqRatio Liquidity ratio = (Current Assets - Stocks) / Current Liability
ROA Net Income / Total Assets
ROE Net Income / Shareholder Funds
EBITDAfinexp EBITDA / Financial Expenses
Financial Expenses Total Financial Charges - Profit and Loss on Foreign Exchange + Total Writedowns
Shareholder Funds Total shareholders' funds - Total receivables due from shareholders
Cash flow Profit (Loss) for Period + Depreciation

*Variables are expressed relative to the total assets except for ratios