Name* Description
OtherIntInc Other interest income
GrosIntDivNcm Gross interest and dividend income
OtherIntExp Other interest expense
NetIntInc Net interest income
NetFeeComm Net fees and commissions
TotNoIntOpNcm Total non interest operating income
OtherOperExp Other operating expenses
TotNoIntExp Total non interest expenses
PreImpOpeProf Pre impairment operating profit
LoanImpCharge Loan impairment charge
OperatProfit Operating profit
PreTaxProfit Pre tax profit
TaxExpenses Tax expense
NetIncome Net income
NetLoans Net loans
LoanAdva2Bank Loans and advances to banks
Derivatives Derivatives
TotSecurities Total securities
TotEarnAssets Total earning assets
CashDueFrmBnk Cash and due from banks
TotalEquity Total equity
OtherLiabilit Other liabilities
TotLiabilit Total liabilities
FixedAssets Fixed assets
OtherAssets Other assets
TotCustDepos Total customer deposits
CommonEquity Common equity
TDepMktShrTrm Total deposits money market and short term funding

*Variables are expressed relative to the total assets
Source: Bankscope


AT Austria
BE Belgium
CY Cyprus
DE Germany
EE Estonia
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GR Greece
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
LV Latvia
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
PT Portugal
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia